has worked as a sound engineer, sound designer, producer and manager from 1982 onwards both in Finland and other countries.

Savolainen completed the Finnish Broadcasting Company's (YLE) sound engineer course between the years 1984-1986. At that time, he became employed as a music engineer at the music production department at YLE. During 1985-1996 Savolainen worked as a music engineer and producer in a number of music, radio play, and external productions at YLE.

Savolainen was engaged with the Savonlinna Opera Festival during the summers of 1983-1994, managing the sound design of productions as a sound designer. In 1996 Savolainen became the chief technical officer of Radio City. After 1998 he moved on to build Seawolf Studios Ltd.

He is currently working as a researcher, sound designer, recording engineer, producer. During 2001-2011 he was part of the E-studio complex.

He offers services as both a macintosh IT trainer and maintenance and works as an A/V producer.

Savolainen has worked as a part-time teacher at the Sibelius Academy's Department of Music Technology and at the Department of Lighting and Sound Design at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. He has been awarded with the EMMA and Record of the Year awards.

Heikki Savolainen